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Marbles on Rails

For some time no, I've had a fischertechnik Bau-Spiel-Bahn laing around here somewhere, waiting - initially for new tracks, then for some kind of actual "application".

Julia builiding a marble coaster

Julia wanted to build a marble coaster. OK, why not? Then again, I might have envisioned beforehand that she would select the biggest and most complex one from the instruction booklet...

Carousel with mechanical lap counter

Another video that I somehow managed not to mention here. Somebody - Yeti? - inspired me to play with time lapse videos; I ended up using Time Lapse Assembler, and I think it worked out OK.

Marble Coaster (with track switch, ejector, electronic control)

For some obscure reason, I forgot to mention the video on my own site when posting it - well, here it is.

Marble Coaster - Parcours 1

Since there is little enough happening on this site right now, here's the result of "Christmas Present" + "Vacation" + "Wanting to try out this YouTube Thingy".

ABAP Trapdoors: Death By STRING

This is a repost of an article published on the SAP Community Network.

As in the previous post, this one is a trapdoor to be avoided by framework and toolkit designers rather than their users.

ABAP Trapdoors: Type Lock-In

This is a repost of an article published on the SAP Community Network.

In the past ABAP Trapdoor blogs, I've written about various problems that can occur when actually writing code in ABAP. Today's issue is more about a structural or design problem. For this example, we'll use the following class hierarchy:


ABAP Trapdoors: LOOP Dizziness

This is a repost of an article published on the SAP Community Network.

First off, I'd like to apologize for the delay since my last ABAP trapdoor article. I'm really grateful for all of the kind responses I'm getting for these articles. However, having a 14-months-old toddler around invariably implies having all kind of germs around, and some of them apparently teamed up to knock me out for some time...

Eclipse PDE Headless Build: Beware of OpenJDK / Debian

If you're setting up a linux box to run an Eclipse PDE headless build and by choice or accident end up using a Debian system and again by choice or accident installed the OpenJDK, you'll probably see the following p2 director error message after enabling the p2 integration:

One or more certificates rejected. Cannot proceed with installation.

Eclipse PDE Headless Build: To Order!

If your product-based Eclipse PDE Headless Build seems to work just fine and creates some archives with files and executables inside, you might still experience one ugly problem:

Unable to acquire application service. Ensure that the org.eclipse.core.runtime bundle is resolved and started (see config.ini)


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